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Free Download of CoolTick v8.62

Download CoolTick 8.62
This download has install and uninstall support. It will create a desktop icon for you and also provide a menu in your "Start->Programs" folder with launch and uninstall shortcut icons.

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Download Previous Version 8.5
If you already use CoolTick, downloading the new version will retain all of your current settings - including your custom list of stock symbols.

If you like CoolTick, you can pay the shareware fee to register your ticker so you can watch as many symbols as you want.

Note: If you use version 8.0 or later you can download 8.6 and it will use your current registration settings automatically. If you purchased a version prior to 8.0 then send us an email and we will add a registration for you manually.

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(this is an example screenshot of CoolTick)

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